About Us

photo by Rick Wright

photo by Rick Wright

Hi! We’re Rachel and Alex. We’re two photographers living in Philadelphia and Providence who recently started shooting weddings together. Also, we’re good friends.

As friends (and photographers, for that matter), our personalities can be pretty different. But we think they complement each other well.

Alex pretends to be more of a “places-and-things” photographer, although in reality, she’ll be one of the first to tear up during the vows, and it will take all of her restraint to remain focused on taking photos and not break out into a frenzied groove with the rest of the party guests on the dance floor.

Rachel, on the other hand, makes no pretense: she lives and breathes to meet, connect with, and photograph people. She has traveled the world in search of people with stories to tell, and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Our approaches may be different, but our work shares a common aesthetic, guided by our desire to produce beautiful, emotional images that capture genuine personal moments.

We want to tell your wedding day story. Let’s talk!